Simple Delicious Detox

Cucumber via Isabella


Cucumber water will keep you hydrated, provide extra vitamins A and C, help bring down blood pressure, curb your appetite, soothe muscles, provide antioxidants and detoxing properties, and is great for your skin.

What could be easier than slicing cucumbers and putting into a jar of water? I usually do these at night, so that I can have one first thing in the morning, before coffee (taste-wise and benefits-wise, it’s better to let them soak 8-12 hours).

I use the Trader Joe’s Persian cucumbers, Persian cucumberbecause their size is perfect for these vintage green Ball jars I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond. Slice ’em up, one per jar, pour filtered water over, pop on a lid and into the fridge. Of course, you can use whatever cucumber you like, the point is that you get that lovely refreshing taste that is actually super good for you.

I always refresh each jar with another round of water for a second glass, back into the fridge for another day. The cuke will keep.



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