Embrace Diversity

Labor Day DecorationWe’re in a very difficult time now, psychically and politically. Donald Trump would pit us against each other and so many are feeding into that. That is not what America is about, but many states’ inhabitants have lost the thread, due to the starvation of education funding, closeted bigotry, economic envy, general health and well-being coming at a cost in a for-profit system. Don’t even know where to start.

But I’m about to start talking about it here. Something’s got to give. Trump has taken bigotry mainstream and now we have white supremacists, Nazi organizers, and fascism– mainstream. This cannot be. We’ve worked too hard and too long to get rid of this b.s.

To counter: I start with this beautiful photo, taken of my daughter’s best friend’s hand, against the red white and blue of the tablecloths for our Labor Day gathering, with friends that we’ve known for decades.

We are all on the same page. Freedom, Acceptance, and Tolerance.

May the rest of our fractured America join us.


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