The Women’s March 2017


So much I can say about this day. It started, as protests often do, with an attempt to get to the protest. Dear friend and protest pal Suzanne arrived very early, we drove to my secret Santa of a parking space, walked across the street to board a train and one… after… another… went by, packed beyond.

I feel so fortunate to have snapped this particular photo, I’m thinking it was about the third train that we met and had to miss, because there JUST WASN’T ROOM.

But look at the joy, look at the pink, look at the flashing spirit that is headed downtown to #RESIST and make voices heard.

After the fifth, we ascended and tried to get a bus. Same thing: one. after. another. went by, PACKED.

Called a cab, who met us on the corner of Western and Hollywood. We finally made it downtown and entered an area off Figueroa, blended into an intensely huge crowd, got into the rhythm, joined in the chants:


Among others. My favorite: women yell, MY BODY, MY CHOICE, the men respond, HER BODY, HER CHOICE!). Thrilling. We are in this TOGETHER.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Czar Putin Put You Where You Are!

We were in the throes, we were protesting, we were #RESISTING with what turned out to be 60,000 fellow Angelenos. Even typing that FEELS GOOD.

It was a glorious day and I am happy to say our late arrival landed us in the best possible place to witness this glorious FIRST of our efforts to #RESIST.

I captured video of Jane Fonda, she tells you all you need to know.

End of the day, proud to say my daughter was there, with her friend, India, and those new feminists are for LIFE. #RESIST.

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