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Smiles Are Game Changers

In line at Pavilions today, a customer is taking a very long time, the checker is processing forms, getting price checks, takes so long, we get a side-eye from customer. The very old woman in front of me says something … Continue reading

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The Womens March 2018

Year 2 and I have got this ON LOCK. I tell my friend and fellow-protester Lyvonne to be at my house around 9am (she’s traveling from Ventura with her daughter, India, who attended with mine last year, a friend Laura, … Continue reading

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The Women’s March 2017

  So much I can say about this day. It started, as protests often do, with an attempt to get to the protest. Dear friend and protest pal Suzanne arrived very early, we drove to my secret Santa of a … Continue reading

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Embrace Diversity

We’re in a very difficult time now, psychically and politically. Donald Trump would pit us against each other and so many are feeding into that. That is not what America is about, but many states’ inhabitants have lost the thread, … Continue reading

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Tuscan Greens and Beans

So, I often troll frozen food aisles to see what corporate people are providing, so that I can make my own fresh. I came across an entire section of Morningstar Farms who are now making ready-to-eat, and Tuscan Greens and … Continue reading

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Easy delicious Enchilada Sauce

Forget canned, make this. Takes minutes, and so flavorful. Also, as dinnerthendessert suggests, it can be used in so many dishes. Even Picky Eater loved, made with cheese enchiladas. Recipe: ¼ cup canola oil 2 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons chili … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Game changer. Thank you, Six Sister’s Stuff! Mac ‘n’ cheese was a go-to during the pickiest times of my daughter’s evolution from a child who ate everything to one who ate nothing into a relatively picky person who eats some … Continue reading

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Obama Out.

How I will miss this man, this fantastic President. Such class, such grace, poise, patience, measure. Beautiful family, and above all, GREAT sense of humor. For starters, this is how he ended his last Washington Correspondent’s Dinner speech. Entire presentation, … Continue reading

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Mulberry Jam

My friend Karin posted on facebook, “Come get mulberries,” I responded, yes, please, and immediately started looking for recipes. I decided on mulberry jam and mulberry viniagrette (for another day, see freezing, below). Turns out, mulberries are full of anti-oxidants … Continue reading

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Healthy Morning Porridge

Hat tip, Food Babe, these are so easy to make, and you can line up a couple for a week. I will never stop appreciating Food Babe’s idea, but I make mine way less complicated. STACK, bottom up: Ezekiel cereal … Continue reading

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